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All Things to See in Mai Chau, Vietnam

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 Many people concern things to see in Mai Chau Vietnam . In fact, Mai Chau is famous for many reasons to attract domestic and foreign tourists to explore and experience. Visitors coming here will be impressed by the beautiful natural scenery, charming scenery, peaceful life and unique cultural features of the ethnic groups here. Traveling to Mai Chau, visitors will have many photos of a lifetime to show off to relatives and friends. Hereunder, Vietnam Travel Guide recommends you the list of things to see in Mai Chau Vietnam! Thung Khe Pass Thung Khe Pass has an altitude of about 1,000m above sea level on National Highway 6, Hoa Binh province . This place is loved by many tourists and most of them stop because from the top of Thung Khe, you can see the entire valley at the foot of the beautiful pass. This is also listed as one of the most beautiful places to see the scenery in Hoa Binh province. Not only that, visitors to Thung Khe Pass also enjoy a lot of delicious and rustic